Domestic Ground Freight

Proper Transportation Group carefully analyzes various factors about your shipment, such as weight, distance, and pallet count, among others, to select the optimal option to meet your requirements and save you money.

Full Truckload

• Dry Van

Our seasoned professionals specialize in dry van shipping services and are dedicated to providing transportation solutions that align with your supply chain objectives. Whether you require same-day, next-day, contract freight, or project-based services, we are here to assist you.

• Flatbed

The open deck supply chain can be a source of frustration for shippers. At Proper Transportation Group, our professionals analyze your unique flatbed shipping requirements and create tailored solutions to ensure that your operation is steady and expandable.

• Reefer

Our dependable professionals and temperature-controlled capacity are aware of your business and its time-sensitive requirements. At Proper Transportation Group, we possess the necessary resources, technology, and network to ensure the secure delivery of your reefer freight at the correct temperature and within the specified timeframe.

• Power Only 

Proper Transportation Group offers power-only capacity to customers who need to keep their freight moving during periods of high demand and unpredictable market conditions. We are ready to connect you with our trusted network when your trailers must be transported and delivered safely and on schedule. 

• Drop trailer

Proper Transportation Group offers a range of drop trailer solutions in collaboration with its trailer network. These trailers employ GPS technology to enhance visibility and decrease dwell time and detention expenses for shippers.

Less Than Truckload and Partial

  • Equipment that is cost-effective
  • Leveraging volume to optimize cost
  • Partnerships with reputable and experienced LTL Carriers
  • Established network of partial carriers looking to fill unused capacity
  • Freight that requires no unloading or re-loading
  • Ideal for time-sensitive shipments or freight that cannot be unloaded during transit.
  • Partial transit times that are faster

Expedite and Final Mile

  • Sprinter Vans, Straight Trucks, and Cargo Vans
  • All package types and sizes for daily ground deliveries
  • Carriers available in all major U.S. and Canadian markets
  • Full visibility with customizable tracking solutions that provide access to all leading driver and package tracking platforms
  • Flexibility to scale capabilities of hundreds of drivers in each market on request
  • Multimodal network of experienced final mile carriers
  • No long-term service obligations
  • Same-day capabilities
  • White Glove Service