We live in a fast-moving world in which our customers demand timely solutions when it comes to freight and shipping. Proper Transportation Group is sensitive to those needs, and we offer several transportation options to help you and your business, including Domestic Ground Freight, Warehousing and Distribution, Fulfillment Services, International Freight, and Air Freight. Depending on the needs of a business, a combination of these transportation solutions can be utilized to optimize their supply chain and meet their customers’ demands. Proper Transportation Group’s services can help businesses streamline their supply chain and improve their overall operational performance.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Domestic Ground Freight FTL—dry van, flatbed, reefer, drop trailer; LTL & Partial—leveraging our volumes and carrier partnerships, network of partial carriers seeking to fill their unused capacity, time-sensitive shipments or freight that cannot be unloaded during transit, cost effective, faster transit times; Expedite & Final Mile—sprinters, straight trucks, cargo vans; Small Parcel—domestic and international)
  • Warehousing & Distribution (extensive warehouse footprint, drop trailer solutions, container transloading, cross-docking and inventory management, short term/long term storage)
  • Fulfillment Services (retail and e-commerce, FIFO, B2B fulfillment, pick/pack/ship, kitting, replenishment program, Walmart/Target/Amazon)
  • International Freight (drayage ocean imports/exports, air and small parcel)
  • Air Freight (air expedite, NFO service, cargo aircraft, commercial aircraft, and domestic freight)